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General Information

Pony Palooza Summer Horse Camp is a half-day week long camp that allows riders from all skill levels to develop in their riding and horsemanship skills.  We can assure you they will have so much fun, they'll be begging to come back! 

The groups are small with no more than 10 kids per camp, so each child is given plenty of individualized attention.  Every day the kids are broken up into groups with no more than 3 or 4 riders in the arena at a time. They are guaranteed forty five minutes of ride time every day and will gain individualized instruction based on their skill level.  Each child will have the opportunity to ride a variety of our well behaved horses.  Regardless of skill level or type of riding, our counselors are equipped to meet all of your child's needs.  
Every day the campers will learn vital horse skills about how to care for a horse, tacking up their horse, grooming, bathing, the anatomy of a horse, and so much more.  Each day they will be engaged in crafts like making treats for the horses, making a beautiful beaded horseshoe, and making their very own cowgirl hats, just to name a few.  These are great keepsakes that allow the kids to remember their horse experience forever and stay excited about coming back again and again.  Finally, the week is wrapped up with a horse show for the kids to show off all of their newly learned skills to the parents and put them in a relaxed show environment.  This will prepare them for their future horse endeavors! 

We also offer several camps throughout the year including Spring Camp, Fall/Halloween Camp, and Christmas Camp! 

Visit the Picture Gallery Tab for more pictures from our horse camps, lessons, show team, and more! 


 Birthday Parties and Girl Scout
outings are offered March-October.

GIRL SCOUT OUTINGS are offered for 2 hours at the farm. Each student gets to learn how to brush the horses, feed the horses, and gets several rides as well as a horse care activity booklet to take home! Please contact Carrie Torre by email (ctponypalooza@gmail.com) for pricing and more information on our Girl Scout Outings!

For all of our parties, kids get as many rides as possible in your chosen riding time where the horses are dressed up in the birthday boy/girl's party theme or favorite colors. The party space is equipped with tables and chairs in the top of our rustic barn which can also be decorated with your decorations. Food/catering may be brought in as well. We offer space for games such as corn hole/sack races/piñatas! The kids get to take pictures with the horses and enjoy a day at the farm learning about our ponies!

Our Most Popular Party Packages:

2 horses plus Missy for 1 hour.....................$285
3 horses plus Missy for 1 hour.....................$360
2 horses plus Missy for 1.5 hours.................$330
3 horses plus Missy for 1.5 hours.................$380

Contact ctponypalooza@gmail.com for more information, specific pricing, and party contracts! Please note that we strive to make each party fun, unique, and successful and for that reason, these are our base prices. Please contact us for a detailed price quote.
Each hour after 2 hours for horses/party time is an additional $50 per hour.

Please note that additional non-riding children/adults may attend the party at an additional fee. Please contact us with party specifics to give us an idea of your pony party needs for a detailed quote.

Price List:
1 horse.......1hour.......$100
2 horses......1hour.......$175
3 horses......1hour.......$250
1 horse.......1.5hour......$170
2 horses......1.5hour......$220
3 horses.......1.5hour.....$270
1 horse.......2hour.........$195
2 horses.......2hour........$270
3 horses.......2hour........$345
$50 farm/location fee for all parties in addition to the horse fee.

Add Missy (miniature horse) for the kids to brush and feed for only $60 for the entirety of any party
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