Pony Palooza Equine Education -
Horseback Riding Lessons for ages 3 and above!
Private lessons are given to mature 3 year olds and older. Students range from 3 years old to parents and adults looking to learn how to ride as well. Both English and Western lessons are offered, from western pleasure, to trail riding, to jumping is available. Whether a beginner or advanced student looking to get back into the saddle, we have the horse and program that suits every rider. Lessons are typically held in our outdoor, sand arena but some lessons are given as trail rides or rides outside of the arena for advanced students.

Lesson Prices:
One hour private-$45 
One hour semi-private(2-4 people) -$35 (per person) 
Half hour private- $30 
Half hour semiprivate- $25 (per person)

Cancellation / Rescheduling Policy: 
All lessons must be canceled/rescheduled  24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson time, or there will be a $10 fee charged to you at your next lesson. If there is a no show or a schedule change within 5 hours of your lesson, you'll be charged the full price of the lesson.

To set up a lesson, contact Carrie at ctponypalooza@gmail.com or to subscribe to our weekly text alerts for lessons, please text @ponypal to 81010.

Carrie Torre, age 21 is the head instructor. She has been around horses and living on a farm since before she could walk. She has been teaching at her family farm for three years now. There are 8 horses that are used for lessons, a miniature,  4 ponies, and 3 full-sized horses. This ensures that all levels and students can be accommodated accurately. Students are taught from the very basics through advanced, technical riding. Lesson students learn not just how to ride a horse, but develop a lasting relationship with the horses, based on natural horsemanship techniques. This develops trust and confidence between the horse and rider. Students also learn how to brush and tack up their horses and are expected to do so at each lesson. Both English and western styles of riding are taught, tailored to the riders' interests. This individualized lesson program is specially designed to meet each riders' unique needs.
As mentioned before, we will cover several aspects of the equine world including caring for horses, basics of showing, riding exercises, equipment maintenance, and of course horsemanship. This program is based on natural horsemanship and riders of all ages will be establishing a bond with the lesson horses throughout their riding time to get a trusting relationship between horse and rider. This is essential to all levels of riding and comes in handy when competing and moving up with your horse. Both half-hour and hour riding lessons are available. They are given every evening of the week and start at just $25. A half-hour of riding time usually has students at the barn for an hour total, so they can tack-up and cool down their horses.


Pilot is a 6 year old, 14.1 hand black Paint pony who is as sweet as they come. He just came to use in May of 2015 and continues to impress us with his excellent demeanor. However, he has a calm attitude and just loves attention. He is enthusiastic about being ridden and teaching students of all levels. He rides both English and Western and is currently learning how to neck rein and further his jumping knowledge. Pilot is the first choice for teaching students how to canter with his smooth gaits. With his first summer worth of camps, birthday parties, and lessons under his belt, we are looking forward to a winter full of jumping shows for this sweet guy!


This pony has taught everybody the basics about riding. She is ridden both english and western, and is a bomb-proof little Haflinger. Twinkle is large enough to carry any type of rider, but is a friendly size for the littlest equestrians too! She even taught Carrie Torre, the instructor, how to ride. Twinkle has been grand-champion on the South Park and Washington show circuits countless times and is the perfect pony for all children to begin on. She is currently 22 years old and is our main been-there-done-that lesson pony. Twinkle began as the only lesson horse in the program and loves to partake in our pony birthday parties!


Elmo is our newest lesson horse, who joined us on June 1. He is a 12 year old quarter horse 14.2 hands and he continues to impress us with his excellent demeanor. Elmo is trained in hunter under saddle and hunters. He is easy going, patient, super sweet, and loves attention. He is the perfect fit for our program and is loved by each and every student that meets him. We are super excited to see how he grows with our program. 


Missy is a miniature horse that allows the littlest students to become comfortable around horses. She is an in-your-pocket type of pony that loves attention! Missy is essential for the smallest kids and enjoys being ridden by them. She is the kids' favorite buddy during birthday parties and camp! She is our little helper for kids learning how to bathe, and loves to pose for pictures.


Cricket is a 10 year old Haflinger/Paint. She has been with us since February 2015 and is doing wonderful as a lesson pony. She loves to be groomed and stands all day to be pampered. She absolutely loves her new job as a lesson pony and never runs out of energy! She is a great pony for beginner-advanced kids, but her heart really lies in jumping. She is an eventing pony and knows a lot about dressage. She is very passionate and excited about jumping and is a joy to ride. We could not be more impressed with her willing attitude, sensible demeanor, and aim to please every rider. Cricket is a pony party favorite whose personality is as bold as her unique coloring.


This wonderful Texas-raised Quarter Horse has been with us for 11 years. She was first trained specifically for English riding and jumping. Now, Haley is a well-rounded sweetheart that loves to be ridden western, too! Haley is a full-sized horse that any rider can control as she loves children. Haley is the primary lesson horse for the more advanced students and those wanting to learn how to jump and canter. She is also the primary lesson horse for kids wanting to learn western pleasure and neck reining.  Haley still competes every summer with Carrie at local shows, continuing to advance through jumping levels. She is extremely calm and is known as our princess since she loves to be pampered!

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