At Pony Palooza, we offer a variety of lesson horses to meet every students' needs.



Stay tuned for updates on our newest horses!


Polar Vortex

Tex is Miss Carrie's primary competition horse. He enjoys wogging, cookies, and scratches and loves toting around the littlest kiddos. He excels in Hunter Under Saddle, Halter, and Jumping. Tex has found a passion in jumping as he has grown up and is our largest horse in the barn! Even in his young age, he has many accomplishments including champion young horse, ApHC top 5 in halter for weanling geldings, and reserve year end champion.



This pony has taught everybody the basics about riding. She is ridden both English and Western, and is a bomb-proof little Haflinger. Twinkle is large enough to carry any type of rider, but is a friendly size for the littlest equestrians too! She even taught Miss Carrie how to ride. She is currently 24 years old and was our first lesson horse. Twinkle excels these days in walk/trot cross rails and has a great demeanor and attitude. She has done a little bit of everything and is a joy to take off the farm. Twinkle also loves trail rides and riding in the snow!


Honey is a favorite among our younger riders, as she loves to be groomed. Honey has a love for jumping, and continues to impress us with her willing attitude. She is 13.3 hands and has tons of jumping power. Honey is sweet like her name and is a flashy mover! Honey is mainly ridden by our beginner and advanced students at this time as she continues her training to adapt to the intermediate students.



Harvey, is a 13.3 hand bay gelding pony who came to us from a therapeutic riding program. He is extremely sweet and loves attention. Harvey was immediately integrated into our program and has adapted extremely well. He is very gentle and patient for even the littlest riders, but enjoys trotting and cantering as well. Harvey has beautiful gaits to be the cutest little hunter pony! We are currently working on seeing what he knows about jumping and getting him into shape for spring.



Loved by all, Pilot is an 8 year old, 14.1 hand black Paint pony who is as sweet as they come. Pilot continues to impress us with his excellent demeanor, calm attitude and love for attention. He is enthusiastic about being ridden and teaching students of all levels. He rides both English and Western and is the first choice for teaching students how to canter with his smooth gait. Pilot is happy to poke around at a slow trot or have the perfect hunter pace and hack around a course. He really enjoys jumping and hill work outside of the arena.



Cricket is a 12 year old Haflinger/Paint. She has been with us since 2015 and stands all day to be pampered. She absolutely loves her job as a lesson pony and never runs out of energy! She is a great pony for beginner-advanced kids, but her heart really lies in jumping. She is an eventing pony and knows a lot about dressage. She is very passionate and excited about jumping and is a joy to ride. She excels in the jumper ring and is the perfect bareback pony! We could not be more impressed with her willing attitude, sensible demeanor, and aim to please every rider. Cricket is a pony party favorite whose personality is as bold as her unique coloring.



This wonderful Quarter Horse has been with us for 12 years. She was first trained specifically for Eventing and jumping. Now, Haley is a well-rounded sweetheart that loves to be ridden western, too! Haley loves teaching the advanced students how to jump and canter. She also enjoys teaching kids the basics of riding.  Haley competes every summer at local shows up showing ground rails through 2 foot classes. She is extremely calm and is known as our princess since she loves to be pampered! Haley has a large personality and likes to have all the attention on her.



Katie is a 15.3, 12 year old Quarter Horse, and is a great teacher for riders of all levels and ages. Katie loves to be ridden both English and Western, but especially loves to jump. Her calm and willing attitude makes her a lesson favorite. Katie is easy-going and enjoys traveling to shows. She has always had a niche for giving lessons and is so patient with even the littlest tots!



Elmo is a 14 year old quarter horse at 14.2 hands and has an excellent demeanor. Elmo is trained in hunter under saddle and hunters and has been with us for two show seasons now. He is easy going, patient, super sweet, and loves attention. He is the perfect fit for our program and is a perfect gentleman to travel to shows. He really has a steady gait and is flashy in the arena! Elmo has three wonderful gaits and is an excellent teacher for canter striding and finding your way around any size course!



Missy is a miniature horse that allows the littlest students to become comfortable around horses. She is an in-your-pocket type of pony that loves attention! She is the kids' favorite buddy during birthday parties and camp! She is our little helper for kids learning how to bathe and loves to pose for pictures.



Peanut is our tiniest horse, but don't let her size fool you. She is energetic and loves running through the pastures and racing the bigger horses. Peanut has adapted to our program quickly, and loves being groomed by the kids. She loves attention and has a huge personality! Peanut is great to teach kids how to lead and the basics of showmanship.



Jasmine is a grulla percheron/qh mare who is extremely easy going. She loves teaching kiddos of all ages and prefers a slower speed. She loves apples and is one of our newest ponies. She enjoys trot poles and being groomed in the barn. Jasmine really enjoys teaching the youngest ones the basics and can't wait to meet you!



Penny is a rescued large pony from Heart Of Pheonix Rescue and is absolutely a sweet heart. She has the most impressive work ethic and aim to please. Penny loves to jump and loves cookies of any kind! She primarily teaches our intermediate and above students because of her love for jumping. She is a wonderful rescue success story and we are so glad to have her!


Lil Bit Phenomenal

Taz is a 4 year old appaloosa that is Tex's younger brother! He absolutely loves to give lessons to any age and is a calm easy-going guy. He is full of curiosity and never turns down a treat. Taz naturally excels at dressage and has recently been started over fences. We look forward to his future at Pony Palooza!


Spot My Art

Spot My Art, aka Hansom Ransom, is our newest addition to the barn in May 2021! He is a 4 year old black appaloosa who is sweet as can be. He is an all around guy who is calm cool and collected in any situation. He is not yet giving lessons as we are getting to know him but has recently been started over fences. Ransom is a fancy mover with a huge willing attitude!



Cheyenne is a 14 year old paint mare that came to Pony Palooza in the fall of 2021. Cheyenne absolutely LOVES jumping and moving riders to bigger fences. A chill girl with a sassy side, Cheyenne is a beautiful mare who loves baths and cookies!